Tuesday, 20 June 2017


a.         The Company of Makers have teamed up with the International Boatbuilding Training College to deliver free woodworking workshops to ex-Service personnel over the Summer period.

b.         ETS North Resettlement staff are to publicise this opportunity to SL and Veterans.

c.         The initial programme includes a one day stool making workshop. Held at the Boatbuilding College in Portsmouth. Interested SLs and Veterans can choose from one of the following dates:

·  15th June 2017
·  13th July 2017
·  10th August 2017

These free workshops are open to anyone who has served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces – If you’re interested in woodwork, or have any questions, please call on 023 92 367 309.                            
For more information about our work with the Boatbuilding College have a look here. (non-DII only). For further information use the following URL which will only work on non-DII machines: